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Cell phone spy software to monitor hidden Activities

Cell phone devices are the micro mini computer devices of the modern world. Everyone these days have their mobile phone devices. Over the years mobile phone technology is on the rise and today every teenager, adult and business professionals, and older ones on their smartphones. It is one of the biggest communication technological tools over the years we have ever come across with in the past and current century.

It has made the world a global village where you can keep in touch with anyone and any piece of time. A person that has mobile phone device, he/she can do secret activities in terms of messages, phone calls, social media apps usage, sharing of videos, photos and plenty of other hidden activities like that.

Therefore, there are a certain group of peoples don’t want to remain cell phone activities secret such as parents against their children and employers against their employees respectively. Parents want to unveil kids and teens social media activities, hidden whereabouts, incoming and outgoing calls, emails sent or received and browsing activities to make sure their online and real-life safety.

Employers want to monitor employee’s activities on the company’s owned cell phone secret activities to protect their business. Therefore, they want to have cell phone spy software to monitor hidden activities.

How to get a cell phone spy app to track secret activities?


You can monitor all the activities happen on your target mobile phone device but you need to have cell phone monitoring software. So, if you want to get your aim then you need to perform following mentioned steps to see hidden activities of your children and employees respectively.

Step1: Subscribe for cell phone surveillance app

Use your personal mobile phone device browser and then visit the web for a while and make a search for mobile phone surveillance software. Now go to the official webpage of the cell phone tracking app and subscribe for phone spying software. You will get the credentials via an email.

Step2: Get Physical access on the target device

Now you should have access to the target device for a while and take it into your hands and start the installation process. When you have done with the process of installation then ended up with the process of activation.

Step3: Get access to the online control panel

Use the password and ID and get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone tracking software. Visit the features and then make a tap on the tools you are looking forward to seeing hidden activities. Let’s discuss the entire phone tracking tools that empower you to reveal the activities of the secret happen on the target device.

Use phone monitoring software features to monitor hidden activities

Live screen recording

User can remotely get access to the target phone device and perform live screen recording. You can record short back to back videos of the screen in real-time and recording will go to the web portal. All you can do it with live screen recorder software. You can record the short videos of the activities like social media apps, emails, YouTube, SMS, and applied passwords.

Surround Monitoring

You can record the surrounds in terms of Voices, chats conversations, by remotely getting control over the target device MIC by using MIC bug app. You can further record surround videos using spyvidcam bug by taking control over the front and back camera.

IM’s social media

User can monitor social media apps hidden activities on target device using social media messenger spy software. End-user can get the logs of instant messaging apps activities in terms of messages, chats, videos, photos, audio-video conversations, and voice messages logs.


User can remotely capture screenshots of all the hidden activities happen on the target device screen. However, the user can capture multiple screenshots at the same time by sending a number of commands on the target device.

Email monitoring

You can see the sent/receive emails and you can come to know about the complete content of the emails of Gmail.

Live call recording

You can record and listen to live cell phone calls incoming and outgoing using secret call recording software and save the data over the internet.



Mobile phone surveillance software is the best tool that empowers you to unveil the hidden activities happen on the target cell phones and tablets.



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